Inés María Fonseca

Inés is the first woman to lead the Women’s Commission in Spain. Ines also works for motorcycling at regional level within the Federación Regional del Principado de Asturias. She is the first woman ever to serve as a member of the board of the Spanish Federation (RFME). 

In addition to her work for motorcycling, Inés is a practitioner of odontology, juggling both activities with great commitment and professionalism. 

Her main goal is to increase the participation of women in motorcycling sport as riders, administrative personnel, leaders, etc. She has worked hard to promote and facilitate the role of women in the motorcycle world in her home country. Among other things, she has organised educational courses and established a network amongst the women in the Federation, finding solutions and alternatives for the women riders to help them advance in their chosen field. 

Inés is also keen to see more women present in the media as she sees that as an important factor in ensuring that the presence of women on the grid and on the track becomes an everyday thing.