Kattia Juárez Hernández

Kattia was born in Guatemala and has Salvadorian Nationality. She graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the El Salvador University in 1991 and obtained her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She has also completed postgraduate studies in Environmental Management and Hydrographic Basins Management. Kattia worked as an environment professional in the construction industry at regional level and also for the Hydroelectric Company of El Salvador. 

Her passion for sport drove Kattia to found the Salvadorian National Motorcycling Federation in 1998. She went on to represent her country in the Union Latinoamericana de Motociclismo (now FIM Latin America). She became President of her National Federation and has been President of the FIM Latin America Environment Commission for 10 years. 

Kattia now leads the FIM’s International Environment Commission. A respected professional in the motorsport world, she has trained a large number of environmental stewards during seminars in America, Europe and Asia. In recent years, Kattia has spearheaded the different sustainability initiatives promoted by the FIM, including KiSS, the Ride Green Cup and Environmental Ambassadors programme. 

She has participated in international conferences as a panellist and is the author of several articles published in international magazines and newspaper. She is a blogger, painter and mother of a former Motocross champion.