Natalia Gallego

Natalia Gallego  is a geologist (University degree in Earth and Universe Science). She has a Master’s Degree in the Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Perpignan, France. She is native of Andorra and also has French nationality.

Natalia has been working since 2003 as a researcher at the Snow and Mountain Research Center of Andorra ( The main research project for which Natalia is responsible  revolves around natural hazards, especially earthquakes.

Natalia has always been actively involved in sport, for example as a skater and coach of artistic roller skating and an international athlete over the distance of 800 metres. She also plays the piano.

Her relationship with motorcycling began in 2001, when she became Environmental Steward for international Trial events held in Andorra. She has worked for 14 years as a volunteer Environmental Steward within the Andorra Motorcycling Federation (FMA), helping to make trial competitions sustainable in a fragile environment such as Andorra’s forests and mountains.  Natalia considers that the FMA sets a great example as regards environmental actions in motorcycling world. She and her Federation were the winners of the FIM Environmental Award in 2013.

During the Trial World Championship event held recently held in the Principality, Natalia was responsible for the organisation of the “KiSS Andorra” edition of the FIM flagship programme for making motorcycling sports events more sustainable