Nita Korhonen

Nita Korhonen, BBA and Master of Sport Science, is Director of the FIM’s Women in Motorcycling Commission (CFM) and board member of the Finnish Motorcycling Federation SML.

Nita has been a part of the motorcycling world from the day she was born; her father Pentti Korhonen was a former MotoGP world championship medallist. Nita has been a motorsport journalist for a number of years, working also as an international announcer for Ajo Motorsport Moto3 team. She is currently a TV-reporter for “MotorSport”, a Finnish TV programme, and columnist for Finland´s biggest motorsport magazine.

Nita is an award-winning author and has published many books about motorsport. The latest one, Voittamattomat (Invincibles) was based on the Master´s thesis she did for the FIM in 2011. In this research Nita interviewed motorcycle world champions, investigating the main issues that contributed to their success. Now she has continued the research and has interviewed over 70 world champions.

Nita has also competed in ATV Supermoto and in Road Racing in Finland and is an active leisure rider with bikes and snowmobiles.