Susanne Hüttinger

Susanne Hüttinger is Chairman of the Track Racing commission and Board member of the Austrian National Motorcycling Federation OSK. She is also Vice Chairman of the FIM Europe Track Racing Commission and bureau member and founding member of the FIM´s Women in Motorcycling Commission, CFM.

Susanne graduated in Silicate Technology from the Higher Technical Institute - TGM Vienna and took some courses at the Faculty of Architecture and Building Materials at the Vienna Technical University. She now works as an Assistant for the ÖAMTC, Christophorus Flugrettung, Air Rescue College and Assistant at the Flight Training School (ATO) in Austria.

Since 1998 Susanne has worked as a Sporting Steward at national level,  serving as a Track Racing Referee at national level since 1999. She has officiated as FIM Clerk of Course since 1995 and as FIM Referee since 2001 (appointed for FIM Europe since 2009 and FIM since 2011).