Velia Hargreaves


Velia Hargreaves was born on 15 February 1960 in Santiago de Chile. Divorced with four children, she is a graduate nurse. She also holds a degree in Tourism Planning and Managementwith a special focus on the environment.

She is currently director of a Therapy Centre that seeks to improve quality of life for people suffering various types of health problems.

In 2000, Velia began to take part in motorcycle competitions, accompanying her children in their sporting development. Realising that there were many ways in which the sport could be improved, she began to work as a volunteer in motorcycling. That same year, she gathered together a number of riders starting out in competition and together they created the Club Deportivo de Enduro Derrapando, one of the largest in Chile. The following year, the Derrapando Club organised various Enduro races in Chile and Velia became the first woman in Chile to work as a Sporting Steward in Enduro, which she did for three years running.

In 2004, she took part in her first FIM Environmental Steward Seminar. From that moment on she began to manage sustainable motorcycling in Chile and she continues to do so today. Velia has been Environmental Steward at all the Enduro Championships held in Chile and at the following World Championships:  2007 ISDE,  2007 and 2008MX3 World Championship, 2012, 2013 and 2015 Enduro World Championships.

In 2007 she published the “Handbook of the Good Enduro Rider”, a small guide to good environmental practices in Enduro.

Since 2013 Velia has been Director of the FIM Latin America Women in Motorcycling Commission and from that platform, she now focuses her volunteer work on environmental sustainability and efforts to develop women’s motorcycling in both the sporting and non sportingdomains.