Jerez Declaration – the way forward

From right to left: Vito Ippolito, FIM Président; Kattia Juarez HERNANDEZ, Director FIM CIE; Nita Korhonen, Director FIM CFM, Ignacio Verneda FIM CEO.

From right to left: Vito Ippolito, FIM Président; Kattia Juarez HERNANDEZ, Director FIM CIE; Nita Korhonen, Director FIM CFM, Ignacio Verneda FIM CEO.

During its Women+Sustainability Conference held in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) on 19-20 November 2015, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) drafted a document based on the discussions of the various breakout and plenary sessions. “The Jerez Declaration” compiles a series of agreements and commitments on these highly topical areas which are of vital importance for our society as well as for our sport.

It is no coincidence that, the week after the Conference, 196 Nations gathered in Paris (France) at the COP21 to find concrete solutions to the crisis of climate change. It was clearly highlighted at the Conference that sustainability and equity are major topics that need to be addressed and placed on the sports agenda.

Sport plays a predominant role in society: it is a vehicle for values but also for change, capable of making attitudes evolve. Sport can become a powerful and influential platform and contribute to finding tangible solutions to the issues raised. Motorcycling is a means of transport but also a sport attracting masses and filling the world’s sporting calendar with a wide array of events open to men and women. It is a unique platform to convey the right messages and help to usher in change.

The FIM has a clear and defined strategic plan with three main key objectives that take into account the promotion of women in all motorcycling-related activities as well as contributing to sustainable development (17 goals of sustainable development) with, as the end target, the possibility of enjoying the magic of sport in harmony with nature and in a totally inclusive way.

To achieve the commitments listed in the Jerez Declaration, it is essential for all parties to work together in synergy and in the same direction. Active collaboration and cooperation with Continental Unions, National Federations, Promoters, Organisers, Sponsors, Teams as well as with Athletes and a wide range of Stakeholders is the key. 

Two main commitments extracted from the Jerez Declaration command our special attention:
• Monitor and evaluate technological advances and good environmental practices and apply them as appropriate. 
• Foster female participation in all spheres: administrative, sporting and technical. 
Together with all like-minded sports and with the support of all our stakeholders, the FIM will be working steadily towards those goals in 2016 and beyond. 


First conference is a huge success

The first ever FIM Women + Sustainability Conference held over the last two days in Jerez, Spain ahead of the FIM Gala Ceremony has been declared a huge success with great attendances and feedback across all the various sessions that have been hosted in the historic surroundings of the Museos de la Atalaya.

Summing up Kattia Hernandez - FIM International Environment Commission Director stated. “It has been beyond our expectations, our panelists have been fantastic we have learnt so much from them and they have also inspired the audiences that in turn has created an incredible level of interaction from all the parties who have attended.”

“As we know that until now it has not been common practice to talk about these kind of subjects in the motorcycle community, but now this is a moment of change and is an important time in the history of the FIM as it is clear that we can use our sport to communicate these messages. Now our challenge is to continue to build on the foundations we have created here in Jerez and to look how we can improve them in the future, not just in terms of the conference, but our overall sustainability programme to ensure we can always leave a legacy through our work.”

Reinforcing these comments Nita Korhonen - FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission Director added. “I am really impressed by the feedback and the level of engagement, we always had a great vision about this conference, but now it has become reality over the last two days here in Jerez. The response to the sheer quality and level of our panelists has been really overwhelming. We already knew their CV’s, but to hear their stories of accomplishment first hand has educated us all. It is clear we have to do another conference in the future. We can adapt and learn from this first edition, and perhaps to be able to take it outside of Europe in the future would really help us extend and share our work on a truly global basis.”

Day two of the conference

This morning marks the second day of the groundbreaking FIM Women and Sustainability Conference in Jerez, Spain. Following last night’s official opening ceremony and initial session today will see a packed schedule of sessions covering a range of thought provoking topics that will include Greening our Events, Inspiring Volunteers in Motorcycling, Breaking down Barriers, Education as a Pillar of Sustainable Sport, Preserving the world for future generations, and Inspiring young people to make a difference.

Expert speakers from both the motorcycle community and from a diverse spectrum of other sports and backgrounds will debate the varied subject matter with each being given its own break-out session throughout the day before the FIM Chief Executive Officer - Ignacio Verneda will bring the event to a close later today.

During his opening speech the FIM CEO explained the importance of hosting the inaugural FIM Women and Sustainability Conference here in Jerez.

“Today we are meeting here in Jerez. It is a city internationally recognised for the great sporting activity on its circuit as well as for its horses, its bodegas, its wines and the industry that surrounds them, and for a host of other things besides. Allow me to share with you something that may seem trivial but that has a great importance for me in the context of the circumstances in which I am speaking to you.”

“Twelve months ago, many of us met up here in this same city for the FIM General Assembly and Gala. Many of our delegates and myself used a taxi from time to time. The taxi drivers always asked the same question: Are you here for the FIM? And as the conversation went on, they would say to you that it was very important for the city that we were here in the off-season to boost jobs and the local economy. The same reception was given to the delegates who went to the hairdressers and all those who went to restaurants and bought things in the shops. This is just a small reflection of our positive impact, of a positive impact that we are not always capable of evaluating, valuing and ‘selling’.”

Women + Sustainability conference

After offering a warm welcome to all those gathered at the opening ceremony for the Women + Sustainability Conference held at the Museos de la Atalaya, Jerez - FIM Chief Executive Officer - Ignacio Verneda went on to say.

“For the FIM, this Conference is a “Première”, but it is a logical step following on from many years of work and serious engagement in favour of sustainability in our sport and its practice by women. Women’s Motorcycling and Sustainable Motorcycling are key projects in the Strategic Plan of our Federation and in our day-to-day work. We have two specific commissions devoted to these projects, the International Environment Commission and the Women in Motorcycling Commission, and we are proud to have at the helm of these commissions two women who are doing a great job and it is them more than anyone who are responsible for bringing us all together here in this hall.”

The Women + Sustainability Conference represents a unique event gathering of twenty experts from fourteen different countries and several different continents to explore two themes that are of key importance for the world of sport and for the world of motorcycling in particular: Women + Sustainability. The fundamental aim of this conference is to highlight the various points of view on those two major themes emanating from the different sectors and to share the experiences of a range of projects and initiatives.

Emmett set to host new conference

MotoGP broadcaster Gavin Emmett is a well-known face to race fans across the globe thanks to his long association with the premier two-wheel discipline and is a respected voice when it comes to all things motorcycling. Therefore the highly experienced on screen reporter was the perfect choice when it came to selecting someone to act as host at the first ever FIM Women + Sustainability Conference that will open in Jerez at 19.00hrs (local time) today.

Emmett will be joined by FIM Chief Executive Officer - Ignacio Verneda to officially open the conference tonight before he then takes up his main role as moderator for the first of two main sessions that will also be complimented by another four topic focused sessions over the two-day event that concludes tomorrow afternoon.

Speaking ahead of tonight’s opening ceremony Emmett said. “I was delighted to be asked to be part of the inaugural FIM Women + Sustainability Conference. In my normal line of work I am very much focused on what happens out on the track, so it is great to have the chance to showcase two topics that are becoming a more and more important part of motorcycling, but are often overlooked. It is going to be interesting to share the floor with the many experts we have lined up and to learn and share ideas about how we can create better awareness and actions around Women and Sustainability within motorcycling.”

Carrasco y Cortanze comparan sus logros en Jerez

La primera conferencia FIM sobre Mujeres + Sostenibilidad en el motociclismo congregará a mujeres pilotos del más alto nivel y de diferentes décadas.

Por primera vez, tendrán la oportunidad de escuchar a las mejores mujeres del motociclismo comparar sus recorridos y hablar sobre los factores claves que les condujeron al éxito.

La piloto de Moto3 Ana Carrasco, primera piloto femenina en obtener puntuación en la categoría de Moto3 y la primera mujer en obtener puntuación en una categoría desde 2001, Ana espera descubrir si su recorrido ha sido similar al de la francesa Martine de Cortanze, Mujer Leyenda FIM 2015 y una de las siete primeras mujeres participantes en el Dakar, donde estableció el primer récord femenino en la historia del evento (la undécima posición). Cortanze compitió como piloto de rallies, motociclismo y en botes de alta velocidad as en los años sesenta y setenta batiendo récords impresionantes en las tres categorías.

Las motos han sido una parte muy importante de mi vida desde niña. He tenido el placer de trabajar en lo que me apasiona y hacer lo que amo. Estoy deseando poder compartir mi experiencia y ser uno de los panelistas de esta conferencia histórica, pues será muy interesante debatir con otras mujeres de alto nivel sobre nuestras experiencias y comparar los factores que influyeron en nuestras carreras», comenta Carrasco.

Mientras se prepara para la conferencia, Cortanze ha invertido tiempo apreciando, por ejemplo, cómo se pasa de la pasión a la motivación o qué proporción de determinación, suerte y capacidad se requieren para que un proyecto, ya sea deportivo o profesional, tenga éxito.

«Quizá, ante todo, hayan sido las ganas las que hayan guiado mi trayectoria. Las ganas de bailar una coreografía de giros y curvas, de saltar por los surcos y las piedras, de salir volando por los montículos y las dunas. También es el deseo de ser la mejor, de quererlo con todas mis fuerzas y entregarme por completo a esa ambición», admite Cortanze.

En la sesión Romper los estereotipos: mujeres líderes y cómo lo lograron, Carrasco y Cortanze hablarán junto con Erin Hunter-Sills, doce veces plusmarquista de velocidad a nivel nacional y mundial y en dos ocasiones en el Libro Guinness de los récords y Kristin Engvig, fundadora y directora ejecutiva de Women’s International Networking, que compartirá con nosotros ideas sobre cómo aplicar estas historias de logros al mundo de los negocios. Queda por confirmar la asistencia de una quinta panelista. Les comunicaremos los detalles en su debito momento.

La conferencia FIM de dos días Mujeres + Sostenibilidad se organizará en Jerez de la Frontera, en España, del 19 al 20 de noviembre. Un evento único en su clase. Veinticinco expertos de catorce diferentes nacionalidades y diferentes continentes, se darán cita en Jerez de la Frontera, España, para desarrollar dos temas que revisten gran importancia para el mundo del deporte y, en especial, para el mundo del motociclismo: Mujer y Sostenibilidad.

Un evento pensado para reducir su huella

“Un evento sostenible es aquel que se diseña, se organiza y se gestiona de forma que minimice los impactos negativos potenciales y que deja un legado beneficioso para la comunidad que lo alberga y para todos los involucrados”.

El evento ha sido planificado con una base sostenible. Desde su inicio, ya en las primeras etapas, se ideó tomando en cuenta diferentes factores que minimicen los potenciales impactos negativos en el medio ambiente y que deje un legado beneficioso a la comunidad jerezana y a todos los involucrados.

Un evento sostenible es aquel que se diseña, se organiza y se gestiona de forma que minimice los impactos negativos potenciales y que deja un legado beneficioso para la comunidad que lo alberga y para todos los involucrados.
  • Uso mínimo de papel. Los documentos que los participantes necesiten se publicarán en diferentes medios electrónicos.
  • Disminución razonable del consumo de la energía
  • Gestión apropiada de residuos
  • Utilización de proveedores locales tanto en catering como en materiales
  • Promoción de artesanos locales
  • Promoción del turismo local
  • Difusión de la cultura local
  • Hoteles con política de sostenibilidad
  • Servicio de lanzadera para los participantes
  • Reducción de plásticos y cartones
  • Uso de vasos reutilizables para reducir las botellas de plástico
  • Compensación de emisiones

Edgar Farrera y Tomé Alfonso, al mando de dos grandes circuitos, presentes en la conferencia

Farrera y Marco Riva, ganadores del Premio FIM Medio Ambiente 2014, ambos panelistas en Haciendo sostenibles nuestros eventos: el programa KiSS como referencia para el futuro.

Edgar Farrera, Director de sostenibilidad del Circuito de las Américas y Tomé Alfonso, Director del Circuito Motorland en Aragón, España, compartirán su visión y su experiencia con uno de los programas insignia de la FIM, el programa KiSS. Ambos han organizado eventos sostenibles en sus respectivos recintos y su experiencia en la materia enriquecerá con su participación la sesión a la cual han sido invitados: Haciendo sostenibles nuestros eventos: el programa KiSS como referencia para el futuro. Una oportunidad única de escuchar a panelistas de gran trayectoria que estarán acompañados de Cristina Martín, consultora ambiental y coautora del Estudio KiSS Barcelona, Marco Riva, precursor del programa KiSS en el circuito de Mugello y Director General de operaciones de Yamaha Motor Racing y Katia Juárez Hernández, Directora de la Comisión Internacional de Medio Ambiente de la FIM y coordinadora del programa KiSS para la FIM. Este panel estará moderado por Luca Guzzabocca, profesional muy respetado en su ámbito que cuenta con veintiséis años de experiencia en materia de gestión de las adquisiciones y la cadena de suministro. Ha trabajado para numerosas empresas italianas en el área de sostenibilidad.