Carrasco & Cortanze compare their success stories in Jerez

The first ever FIM Women + Sustainability in Motorcycling Conference will gather together top-level female racers from different decades.

For the first time ever, people will have the chance to listen to the best women in motorcycle sport comparing their career paths and discussing the key factors that made them so successful.

Moto3 rider Ana Carrasco, who is the first female rider to score points in the Moto3 class and the first female rider to score points in any class since 2001, is looking forward to finding out if her career path has been similar to that of Frenchwoman Martine de Cortanze, 2015 FIM Woman Legend and one the first seven women to participate in the Dakar, where she set the first female record in the event’s history (11th position). Cortanze competed as a rally driver, motorcycle and speedboat racer in the 1960s and ‘70s with an impressive record in all three categories.

Motorcycles have been big part of my life since I was a child. I have had the pleasure to work with my passion and do what I love. Now I am really looking forward to sharing my story as one of the panellists at this historic conference. It will be really interesting to discuss our experiences with other top-level women and compare the factors that have influenced our careers, Carrasco says.

While preparing for the conference, Cortanze has been spending time pondering on things such as how passion is transformed into motivation or what proportions of determination, luck and capability are needed if a project, be it sporting or professional, is to succeed.

“Perhaps it was wanting, most of all, that guided me in my choices. Wanting to dance a choreography of turns and bends, to bounce in the ruts and the pebbles, to take off on the hillocks and the dunes. And it was also wanting to be the best. Wanting it with all my strength. And putting everything I had at the service of that ambition”, Cortanze admits.

In the session “Breaking down Barriers: women in leadership roles and how they got there”, Carrasco and Cortanze will be joined by Erin Hunter-Sills, 12 times World and National Land Speed Record Holder and two times Guinness World Record Holder, and Kristin Engvig, Founder and CEO of Women’s International Networking, who will share some ideas on how to apply these success stories to business life. We are awaiting confirmation of a fifth panelist and will be communicating further details in due course.

The two-day FIM Women + Sustainability Conference will be organised in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain on 19-20 of November. At this event, unique of its kind, 25 experts from 14 different countries and several different continents will meet up to explore two themes that are of key importance for the world of sport and for the world of motorcycling in particular: Women + Sustainability.

An event managed for a minimal footprint

"A sustainable event is one designed, organised and implemented in a way that minimises potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and for everyone .”

The event has been planned on a sustainable basis. From the outset, in the very first stages, various factors were taken into account that will minimise the potential negative impacts on the environment and leave a beneficial legacy for the community of Jerez and all those involved.

Minimum use of paper; the documents the participants need will be published in various electronic media

A sustainable event is one designed, organised and implemented in a way that minimises potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and for everyone.
  • Reasonable limits on energy consumption
  • Appropriate waste management
  • Use of local suppliers for catering and materials
  • Promotion of local artisans
  • Promotion of local tourism
  • Publicising local culture
  • Hotels with sustainability policies
  • Shuttles for participants
  • Reduction in plastics and packaging
  • Reusable cups to reduce use of plastic bottles Offsetting of emissions

Edgar Farrera and Tomé Alfonso, the men at the helm of two major circuits, will be present at the Conference

A sustainable event is one designed, organised and implemented in a way that minimises potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and for everyone.

Edgar Farrera, Director of Sustainability at the Circuit of the Americas, and Tomé Alfonso, Director of the MotorLand Circuit in Aragón, Spain, will be sharing their visions and experiences of one of the FIM’s flagship programmes, KiSS (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable). Both have organised sustainable events at their respective venues, and their experiences will make an enriching contribution to the session at which they will be making a guest appearance, “Greening our Events: The KiSS programme as a benchmark for the future”. This will be a unique opportunity to listen to panellists with an impressive track record. They will be accompanied by Cristina Martin, environmental consultant and co-author of the Evaluation of KiSS Barcelona, Marco Riva, pioneer of the KiSS programme at the Mugello Circuit and General Manager, Operations, at Yamaha Motor Racing, and Katia Juárez Hernández, Director of the FIM International Environment Commission and Coordinator of the KiSS programme for the FIM. This panel will be moderated by Luca Guzzabocca, a highly respected professional in his field with twenty-six years of experience in sustainable purchasing and supply-chain management. He has worked in a number of Italian companies in the field of sustainability.