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Plenary Session 2

Preserving the world for future generations: women as role models. Changing the world takes people on a mission: Inspiring young people to make a difference


Moderator: Gavin Emmett


  • Jill Savery (CEO at Bristlecone Strategies, Inc.)

  • Kristin Engvig (Founder & CEO Women’s International Networking)

  • Luca Guzzabocca (General Manager Right Hub and Chairman of Acquisti & Sostenibilitá)

  • Andrea Coleman (Owner, Riders for Health)

In this plenary session, we will stress the importance of promoting women and sustainability and how, as sporting community, we can raise even greater awareness on those two themes. It is crucial to play an active part in ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy the same privileges as their predecessors and to face a brighter future. How, as members of the sporting community, should we behave?  What is our role? How can we promote the presence of women in our sport and develop their fullest potential?

Inspiring the youngest amongst us, this generation known as the millennial generation, a generation strongly committed to the environment, equality and social responsibility, is a task that we must embrace if we want to make a difference.  Our mission is to organise sustainable, safe, healthy and equitable events, and, in this way, we can be part of the change that will undoubtedly benefit all the communities around us.

Earlier Event: November 20
Later Event: November 20
Closing Ceremony