At an event unique of its kind, 25 experts from 14 different countries and several different continents will meet up in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) to explore two themes that are of key importance for the world of sport and for the world of motorcycling in particular: Women + Sustainability.

For over two decades, the FIM has been working on developing and promoting the presence of women in the world of motorcycling and on integrating environmentally sustainable events. The fundamental aim of this conference is to highlight the various points of view on those two major themes emanating from the different sectors and to share the experiences of a range of projects and initiatives (i.e. awareness campaigns, seminars, training camps for young riders etc…). The conference will consist of two plenary sessions and four topic sessions, in which the audience will be able to take an active part. The objective is to arrive at conclusions that will move the FIM forward, reinforce participants’ knowledge and help them to gain a new vision for sport by providing the impetus and inspiration for a broader participation of women and the organisation of environmental friendly events.

As the FIM aims to stage a unique event of real reflective and practical value, the invited panelists have been carefully selected for their expertise in those domains. They are all high-level professionals in their fields and represent a wide range of positions from company directors and circuit managers to high-level athletes and world champions, experts on gender, experts on sustainability and UN a representative, among others.  

Two plenary sessions will address highly topical themes such as empowerment and inspiration in relation to gender and environment as well as ways to ensure the longevity of motorcycling sport. The four interactive breakout sessions will be focusing specifically on developing the presence of women and on sustainability. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the career paths of successful women, about volunteering in sport, as well as on how to organise sustainable events, the importance of education and other related themes. Participants will be able to choose the topics that interest them most and interact with the panelists. 

The Conference will take place in the historic precincts of the Atalaya, a traditional venue for high level conferences, the perfect venue to ensure interactivity and experience sharing. 

An event managed for a minimal footprint

"A sustainable event is one designed, organised and implemented in a way that minimises potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and all involved. "  UNEP

The event has been planned on a sustainable basis.  From the outset, in the very first stages, various factors were taken into account that will minimise the potential negative impacts on the environment and leave a beneficial legacy for the community of Jerez and all those involved.  

  • Minimum use of paper; the documents the participants need will be published in various electronic media
  • Reasonable limits on energy consumption
  • Appropriate waste management
  • Use of local suppliers for catering and materials
  • Promotion of local artisans
  • Promotion of local tourism
  • Publicising local culture
  • Hotels with sustainability policies
  • Shuttles for participants
  • Reduction in plastics and packaging
  • Reusable cups to reduce use of plastic bottles
  • Offsetting of emissions
Our partner in CO2 offsetting

Our partner in CO2 offsetting

The conference is taking place at the museos de la atalaya

The conference is taking place at the museos de la atalaya